Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management is of major importance to company operation, particularly with respect to companies operating in the fashion industry.


Intellectual property is a major value of any business. In the fashion industry, however, it is of special importance because the sector largely relies on intangible assets. Starting from the brand identifying the business through the rights it holds.

Intellectual property is a blanket term including industrial property, namely trademarks, industrial designs, and utility models, copyright and similar rights, as well as combating unfair competition. Each of these issues has been regulated by a separate statute, including Act on industrial property rights, Act on copyright and similar rights, and Unfair Competition Act.


Exclusive rights can be obtained after meeting several conditions stipulated in detail in these acts. Incorrect choice of the legal protection tool with respect of a given intangible asset may result in rather illusory protection.


Correct intellectual property management, however, will increase the company’s goodwill. Intellectual property management is principally aimed at selecting appropriate legal tools to protect a company’s intangible assets, as well as assuring the company’s rights to products developed by its employees or subcontractors, and protecting such rights.

Within the framework of Intellectual Property Management, we offer:

  1. verification of the adopted method for protecting intangible assets, such as trademarks, industrial designs, and copyright,
  2. verification of contracts regarding intangible assets developed at the company, including contracts with employees,
  3. audit of the company’s intellectual property rights,
  4. supervision of deadlines related to protection of intellectual property rights,
  5. drafting agreements related to intangible assets, including licence agreements, and agreements transferring intellectual property rights,
  6. recommendation of the company’s organisational structure,
  7. consulting as regards WIPO Proof service,
  8. developing brand protection strategy, including adoption of a procedure for violation of exclusive rights attributable to the company. You can find out more about brand protection strategy and the factors affecting it in our Brand Protection Strategy Report.

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